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To Natascha,
Hey Nat,
I'm sorry that I figured out how to cut a cake in 3 cuts making 8 equal pieces. Im also sorry that even Ben thinks that my method was better than yours. Hope you forgive me , see you tomoro :D


From Roma
Natascha rejected this apology
Natascha responded
To Roma,
I DO NOT accept your apology! You said and I quote (with a russian accent) "the icing of the cake needs to be equal on all 8 pieces)" - therefore your so called solution is invalid. Not only did you waste 20 minutes of my life, but also did I age a lot faster during those 20 minutes and need to invest into botox, which is not very cheap as we all know. Hence an apology is not good enough, after the damage that you have caused! Your apology is therefore rejected!!!
From Natascha
On Apr 29 2012 at 11:42pm, Mike wrote:
A thorough explanation. fair and honest.
On May 21 2012 at 5:31pm, Rosaria wrote:
Ha ha! For a minute when I saw the suejbct I thought *you* were going to apologize, Will. What was I thinking?The proof will be in Geoff'​s pudding. If his show manages to be fair ad informative, then I will believe he has changed. Until then, I won'​t be adding fuel to his fire.

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