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To My students,
I was an elementary school teacher back in the 60s, teaching the third grade. Being the young man that I was, and living in the time that I was, I spent most of my waking hours heavily intoxicated from alcohol and various illicit substances, like many of my peers. I was extremely dissatisfied with life and sought to vent my frustrations upon my class - children given into my care. I would verbally abuse them, mete out punishment with my trusty ruler, and in general, act the right proper jerk. However, my favorite thing to do was forcing students to stand atop a stool in the corner of the class whilst wearing a dunce cap and a sign around their neck which read "I'm on the high road to Hell." This modicum of power over the powerless made me feel good about myself. Their abject terror upon entering my classroom satisfied me immensely, like a soothing balm for my fragile ego. Even more so than when I would beat my ex-wife. Now, I'm old, alone, and filled with regrets about the misgivings of my youth. I spend a lot of time wondering what sort of scars my former students carry with them, emotionally or otherwise. I wish I could take it all back, but I can't. I've considered trying to establish contact with some of them, to apologize, but I can't bring myself to overcome my own shame. I'm so, so, so sorry. If it's some small consolation to any of you out there, reading this by chance, know that I may just opt to end it all in the next few days. This .38, in my lap as I type these words, is my only solace.

Allahu Akbar.


From Gerald Fines
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