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To Whoever,
I dont get you. I cant believe you did waht you did of me today. Wtf? You ar so complicated its like you have multiple personalities. after what you put me through there is no way i could fully ever trust you again. What you did to me, I would never have done to you.The nerve you had. You only think about yourself when you act like this. It also shows me that you do not hardly care for my feelings
I am so confused by you you have multiple personalities, thoughts and change your mind from a 10 mintue walk home. When you are nice you are really nice, but you only think about yourself and how you move on to him when you know how much I like, love and want to be with him. You are one complicated person. I can't wait till you find out how much you hurt me and how hard it will be for me to act like it's fine like last time, you will take him and I will be the upset one! Thanks SO much. Now, I'm not so sure... :/


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On Aug 21 2012 at 11:15pm, Gabby wrote:

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