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To Jacquanise,
Dear Love,
Ima start this off by saying, I WAS WRONG!! For what?? Everything that has brought pain, tears, and/or hatred into your life the past 2yrs. The disrespect, i was wrong! Baby i just wanna talk full blame and responsibility for everything. I mean why not? YOu was there when i wasnt. You kept your end of the deal. I failed. I gave up a wonderful opportunity. I gave up on what matter to me most. I wasnt being the man you wanted me to be. Im sorry sweetheart! I am. Baby you mean more than just anything to me. Your the air i breathe, the oxygen i need, the one my heart desire:) Your my everything. I appreciate: the things you do for me and wit me:) Therefore im Appreciative. Im Thankful for: The smiles you put upon my face. For the good &​ bad times we turn into memories, and most importantly, for the greastest gift that our precious God has every given me and that is YOU! Therefore im ThankFul. Your an amazing person Jacquanise and i dnt ever want you to feel any less. Baby the point of me writin this is to let you know that i really NEED YOU in my life. I dnt care whoever may think im desparate or stupid, let em think. Atleast i know who and where i wanna be with. Bby NOBODy and i mean absolutly NOBODY can and will never compare to the love me and you share....Baby we promised eachother some very special. And that was a future to share with eachother. Seem like to me, we both turned into liars. Baby im th guy who: Looks into your eyes when you talk. Can Comfort You When You Have a Bad Day. Gives You the Best Presents. Makes You Feel Special. Makes You Laugh and Enjoy Life. Loves Spending Time with You. Says He Loves You and Calls You BEAUTIFUL Regularly. Im that guy. Im not da bad person. Im not a bad person period. I know you're hurting. You've been hurting badly for a long time. You're not just my girlfriend, you're my best friend in all the world and I'm sorry theres nothing I can do. I cant make the scars or the worries or the nightmares go away. I cant make you want to live. All I can do is be here and hold you when you want me to and I'm sorry. Im so damn sorry. I wasnt there when you wanted me in the beginning. Im sorry for that as well. You mean more to me than I ever thought anyone could and I know I don't show it hard enough or often enough or deeply enough. I know I'm a terrible person and I know I need to stop being so fuckingstupid I know I make you feel guilty but none of this is your fault. I would do anything to have one dream come true! That dream is us, us being together forever. Please promise me, that you will never give up on us. No matter what obstacles we'll face in this life that's ahead of us cause I know we will. You've taught me how to love, shown me what a bestfriend is, and how lucky I am to have such a special person. Some say first love never lasts, but it never dies. I want you to be my only love, to always have this fire that burns brighter throughout the years to come. I wanna be the guy who supports you thourgh any and every decision you make, I wanna be the one you can depend on at any point or time. Baby i love you and im sorry. As of now nothing in this world mean anything to me other than getting you back. So wat im begging. IM not afraid to show the world im in love. Im not afaid to hide my love from your family. I Love them as well. Aunt Janelle, Febbie, Kita, Gram Grams Trudie, Moma Jackie, And Rodney, i also appreciate the things you all do for me to. Especially Mrs. Trudie and Mother Jackie :) You are 2wonderfully made women and i love you both. I also wanna apologize to both of you as far as disrespect. I mean its just that i cant and dnt wanna lose your granddaug​hter/daughter​. i love her and you all know i do. I just wanna be happy and as of now im not. But again i wanna say thank you and im sorry. Jacquanise, im sorry and i WILL prove to you that i am a man of my words. Man i just cant go on without you. I cant:( I understand that you say i hurt you to many times and youve given me chance after chance, but sheka we are young, relationships at this age come with childish downfalls such as a lil flirtation here and there. Baby its not me and u kno it. TRST ME LOVE PLEASE!!!!! I do realize in order for you to stay i hve to do my part even if your isnt. Baby i will i promise.!!!
Girl I wanna take the time and thank you
Just for putting up with me
And I'm sorry that you even had to deal with me
Even though I made you cry, I wanna make it right
Just give me some time to make it right
I go the extra mile to make you smile and
Just to make your day
I'll go out my way I'll do whatever it takes
Baby promise you'll stay!!! :) I LOVE YOU AND IM SORRY!!!


From Juicyan
Juicyan gave Jacquanise A hug
On Aug 28 2012 at 2:57pm, Brittany wrote:
This is very sweet but u messed up a few times

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