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To my husband ,
Yes honey all the files I've tried to hide in the corner of the study is work that I brought home, I'm sorry. I promise this would be the last weekend (at least for the next month). I'm really under a great deal of stress over this outstanding debt in my branch and at the end of the day I will be held accountable for it even if I did not create this mess. Somebody upstairs think I'm able to sort this out and would really like to proof them right!

I want to apologize for being so ambitious, and I know my ego sometimes get the better of me. I want to be the best and this one step in getting there.

I promise I will make it up to you!
And I also promise that I will not work the whole weekend through, I will be spending time with you for some much needed TLC.
I only ask that you don't give me a hard time when I do spend the odd hour working.

I love you lots.
P.S I will share my Incentive money with you.



From Max
On Apr 2 2010 at 12:27pm, Tek_7 wrote:
Money Incentive win!
On Apr 13 2010 at 9:24am, Lizna wrote:
Good one sister!!!!

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