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To my baby gurl. . .,
Dearest Keri...

Words will never fully express how sorry I am..but I truly hope that it is a good start:

AM SORRY..i really messed up this sure ur getting used to that by now..but..this time i know ur really mad...i regret nothing more in life than wat ive done to was wrong..utter stupid and immature and u do not deserve any of the grief and anger ive caused u...i cant bear to see u unhappy...When our relationship began..i promised to myself that I wod make you happy..will always keep u happy...but I FAILED..I fAILED U..FAILED BOTH OF US...

i know u asked me to let u be..and i truely understand ur decision and gonna do my best and respect it..but i codnt leave without letting u know how sorry i am for the way i acted...ur too important of a person to lose..but thanks my insecurites ive lost again and this time to the point that u dont even wanna talk to me anymore...i understand the gravity of the situation..and i hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me for my was stupid..and I didnt mean to act the way i did...

i know this time ive hurt u bad..if i cod take back wat i said..wat i did..I BLOODY WOD...but i cant...jus' know and always remember that I LOVE U...i love u more than anything in this talk to me for one last time..and unleash your wrath...i'll take it...i absolutely deserve it for hurting u..for making u cry..for making u feel like shite...

I LOVE U BABY GURL... and am sorry...



From Branden. . .
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To Branden. . .,
Your sorry don't mean anything anymore.. to me it is just a word. You wouldn't continue to do what you do over n over n over again, if you were actually sorry!
From my baby gurl. . .
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