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On Sep 30 2012 at 11:15am, Sarra wrote:
I thank God every day I no longer have to swim in the duinyfctsonal, cesspool that is the dating world.I also got games from stupid women when I tried calling their number when it was given. They always pi??ed and moaned about being called back by a man, so I don'​t know if that was their vindictive fashion (typical female bs), but as soon as I saw someone playing these grade-school games .they were done. No explanation, no consideration, no respect nothing.Idiots don'​t belong i the dating pool ..they don'​t even really belong in the gene pool, so I don'​t blame you for retaliating, but I think you'​ve indulging someone that'​s already putting themselves in a very poor light. I hope you don'​t think that will change if you actually end up in a relations​hip'​.Good luck

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