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To Priya,
My sweetheart, we have been living beyond just sharing our two lives as one, you knew all of my ins &​ outs as I did so.

Just this time without a single possibility to express the dilemma, it was the fate that pressurized me to take a vital decision for our family as a whole as like it was predestined.

And so is this letter also some kind of a dice of the destiny to give me a chance to express my love to you again &​ even bring us closer than ever before. So I just request you to understand me for the first &​ hope for the last time to bring back that essence of belongingness for ever for sure!!..

Yours Lovingly


From Govindaraj.N
Priya accepted this apology
Priya responded
To Govindaraj.N,
Your apologies accepted dear.
Any way the thing is i need to ask sorry not you .As the mistake was mine by making you more disturbed ,being a better half i should have understand the sign of you but i didnt .
the fault is also mine i should have not spoke like that but i was so depressed that made me to talk like that stupied craps!!!
I dont want anything even a sorry to seperate us (except family) :)

Lets have join together today evening at 5o'clock in velecherry bus stop.

forever loving wife
From Priya
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