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To Mon Chéri !! My beautiful man!,
Baby ! Im having the Face de baboon right now coz you are upset at me...
Im sure you are sitting there and waiting for me to tell you whatever I suppose to tell You !
Enjoy and have fun sitting there thinking of my baboon face!
love u... come on ....If you forgive me I swear I will walk naked in your house for 3 days !


From Your Mia Ja
Mon Chéri !! My beautiful man! accepted this apology
Mon Chéri !! My beautiful man! responded
To Your Mia Ja,
Even I was not upset, I accept you walk naked in my house for 3 years...
From Mon Chéri !! My beautiful man!
On Jan 21 2013 at 12:30am, Martin wrote:

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