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To Jason McDuffie,
I know and understand that my actions caused you to feel angry and insulted.
The reason i did what i did is because i felt angry, hurt and
After i did what i knew was wrong to do, i felt a false sense of justification and validation as if you deserved what i did.
Soon after i started to feel remorseful and guilty. Ashamed that i reacted emotionally and selfishly;​ instead of giving myself time to calm down and gather my thoughts.

I felt badly about striking out in anger with every intention of hurting someone important to me because i was hurting.
All i want to say is that i apologize for breaking my promise and i understand that you may not and perhaps, can not forgive me, but i had to let you know.
So once again, I Apologize. I have forgiven myself and i am thankful for the memories we have shared together.



From MeSherrie
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