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To Nestor,
I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry for the pain I caused you. I know an apology now will not heal your pain and it is useless to apology when my mistake is unforgivable but I don't want to remain in silent and not do anything. It was me who destroyed the trust in between us with my selfishness and unfaithfulness. Not many can live with the idea of being betrayed. Not many can live with the idea of leaving their past behind them. The wound in your heart requires time to heal and I respect that. No amount of apologies will be sufficient enough to take back your pain and I don't know what else I can do except for me to walk away and disappear from your sight to reduce your pain. We're at the opposite end of a bridge right now and the decision of whether we'll meet again on this bridge is not up to me. I truly regret for letting you walk away. I never wanted to let you walk away from me so that's why I wanted to talk things out but I ended up making a big scene but it was hurtful rather than embarrassing. I'm disappointed at myself for hurting you. I don't like time apart. Separation gave us a chance to collect all our memories together and reminded us that we shared our deepest feelings together all these years. It is important to make more memories to cherish than to regret. I know I'm your weakness but what you don't know is that you're my strength and motivation. You walked into my life five years ago and said you will walk this road with me. After all, you're are the only one who left trails in my heart. It hurts me to see you in pain but you're not understanding the suffer I went through. I been so depressed but that only led to you calling me a pretender. I don't expect you to understand the pain I'm in because you'll not try to understand me. If you will see my sacrifices then you will know but you refused to open your eyes. Your words from the last five years made me really happy but at the same time it hurts me. You called me a piece of trash. If I'm a piece of trash then I was the trash that walked through many tough times with you all these years. You were able to go up to everyone to express your feelings and thoughts but I was never able to. I don't care how the world will look at me. I only care how you look at me.


From I'm Sorry
On May 27 2014 at 5:25am, Jackey mansfield wrote:
Wow that'​s real true shit forreal I'​ve been going through the sane shit were I fukd up 6 yrs ago me an my man broke up an I ended up sleeping with someone else while we were split up an he constantly everyday throws it up in my face u kno it'​s bs but things will get better

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