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To Popoy,
Ever since I met you my world change.. my perception to things had changed .. the way I see myself, the way I think was changed and it was all because of you. You opened my eyes to what is the real world, real world that we don't need a lot of money in able to live but what we need is just a simple life..

You became my sweetest downfall.. I don't know how I would see my future days coming without you beside me because I can't change that one thing we know.. I'm really sorry for hurting you thousands of time.. I won't able to erase it, and I won't be able to change the past how we end up in almost leaving each other but what I can do is to change for the present and in the future. Sorry I became afraid to say it.. I'm sorry for breaking my most important promise to you.

I don't know if you'll give me another chance.. but I'm still hoping.. hoping to fix everything..

I'm really sorry for what I did and want to fix it. I hope when you read this you can feel how sincere I am.

Loving you always and forever

PS. Gonna wait for you till you can forgive me.


From Basha
Popoy accepted this apology
On Jul 10 2014 at 7:25am, sheena wrote:
that'​s is true for me

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