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To The Girl Who Never Cared,
I always thought that you were nice - definitely not someone who I'd be close to, as you always had other friends who you were around with and other people to talk to.

When I thought you wanted to be friends with me, I guess I was thrilled. Having nobody can really take its toll on you and stop you from seeing the way someone really is.

There are so many things that I should have done. I should have realised that you really did not care anything about me.

I should have realised that what I had thought was light teasing was in fact your way of showing me up and showing that I didn't belong in your group.

I wish you had thought about the way you treated me. I wish that I had been able to stand up for myself.

I'm sorry for ever trusting you when what you did was turn your back on me and forget all the exceptions I made for you, all the time I took out to spend with you, everything I ever did for you.

I'm sorry that you never apologised to me, and I'm sorry that I have to deal with this YEARS afterwards.

You ruined years of my life. What I'm really sorry for is letting you do that to me.


From A Girl
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