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To Blake, Bruce, Debbie, Liana,
Dear WSF / MistisMixes Team Members:

Have you ever just really stepped in it?

I mean a HUGE pile. And then, you couldn't get rid of the stink? Even though you've cleaned your shoes, you still "smell" it in the house? This is my attempt to clear the air. I'm losing sleep (literally) over my foolish actions earlier this month.

That's how I feel ("stink") about mis-handling the Google Hangout fiasco with all of you in December. I appreciate the introductions, Blake. I understand their value, and that when you recommend me, my actions reflect on you. Believe me: I get it. I'd be pissed, too.

1. I'm sorry. I was frustrated and allowed my emotions to get the best of me. (NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT, BUT: Look, gents, I'll be honest. I hate working for (most) women because this happens. This is NOT the norm for me. Execs tell me I'm a "Dude w/a 'rack'." I cannot explain this gender-identity​-cortisol​-estrogen​-stress-Squall-Warning cocktail of a perfect storm that turned me into a whiny chick. I mean, I can, but who wants that in an apology?) So, know it's out of character for me to have acted so short-sightedly and unprofessionally. I'm currently re-attaching a certain removable appendage and returning to Corporate Misti, The Dude.

2. It won't happen again. From now on, if I'm feeling SUPER-anything, I won't be posting about it until 24 hrs have passed. I formed this rule when I spent a session with my shrink asking how to make this right. Shrink said my error wasn't "cringe-worthy." I disagreed. Especially with a background in Corporate Communications? I know better.

3a. I'm "little boxing" my FB page, starting today, 10 people a day. Within a month, it'll be done, and business acquaintances will not see personal messages and vice versa. LONG OVERDUE. Until then, I will be very selective in posting.
3b: I will not tag any of you (Bruce, Blake, Debbie) in posts without your prior approval. If you read my news feed and something funny happened and you see your initials, and you were in on whatever.... I'm winking at ya. I'd rather err on the side of caution. I do this w/my attorney friend. I never tag her. Only use her initials. It's worked for us.

4. I want to show Jr. Jedi, Liana, that if you screw up, own it, apologize profusely, beg forgiveness, show -- and IMPLEMENT -- your new plan so that everyone knows you're serious to change the behavior that caused someone pain. Also, "mentors" screw up, too. That'd be me, in this case.

5. DEBBIE: I'm so very sorry that anything I posted while in the throws of Stress Hell, might have cause you angst. That's the last thing I want to do. I want to HELP you and Blake through this tough time. Please forgive me.

6. BRUCE: Please accept my personal apology *directly to you.* Apparently, my inner Client Zealot got out and it won't happen again. I found our first Hangout (you and me) to be fun, enlightening, and I learned about SOC. I hope you will give me a second chance (business or personal), but if you don't -- I understand. One hundred percent. Zero percent hard feelings.

7. Finally, our CEO, Norma Jean, wishes to inform you that I've been verbally warned in our HR Department (her), and if it happens again, there will be no "3 Written Warnings." I will be fired on the spot -- claws extended -- for cause. If you think I'm tough... try crossing NJ.

OK. So let's review shall we?
I sucked.
It won't EVER happen again.
Please forgive me.
I'm truly sorry.
Have a great last week of 2014!

Sheepishly yours,


From Misti
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