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To Chloe,
Last year was a disaster. Not a night has gone by (I don't use that idiom lightly) where I haven't thought about what happened between us. Ok enough distancing, what I did to you. I'm sorry I guess. I say I guess because I know that doesn't cut it but it's the best I can do. I just want to say I'm sorry for everything that happened, for ruining the memories of the best 2 years of my first 15 years alive. You changed me for the better in many ways, and although I don't know how I feel about you, you've done more good for me than bad. I just want to say thank you, for two years that made me a better person (disregarding my behaviour towards you). You've made my life a happier and better life. you've made me more confident and you're the reason I have friends now and I'll always love you for that. I don't know what I'd be doing now if I never met you. I'm sure i'm leaving something out but this is pretty long already and you probably won't read it anyways.
I guess what I want to say in short is, don't let people get you down, ever, please. You've made my life so much better, and that's coming from somebody who you could probably argue hates you. I'm sorry for everything and I wish you all the best in life. Happy birthday, I know that's soon, and happy new year and also just as a final note, I don't want to be friends again like this is not me seeking a second chance, but fuck I miss you. I wanted to write this also just in case you missed me at all, to make it easier on you and such, I'm not assuming that you give a toss about me anymore i mean, why would you, but just in case. so yeah, before I end up writing a short novel here, goodbye, good luck and have a smashing life m'lady. I hope you get everything you've ever wanted. bloody hell this would be annoying if you've changed your email.


From Bubbles Acorn
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