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To Rumi,
I know I messed up bbe and I know things I said hurt you deeply. The moment those words left my lips I knew that I couldn't act fast enough to retract them. Your reaction was justified!
I've relived them moments over and over and wondered how I could have been so insensitive. I don't think I have ever been so disappointed in myself. I'm nervous to ask you to forgive me because I know you have suffered a great deal because of me but p.p I truly am SORRY!


From Shahi
Shahi included A Fuzzy Teddy Bear
Rumi accepted this apology
On Jan 14 2015 at 11:12am, Carla wrote:
On Jan 16 2015 at 5:24am, Angie wrote:
On Jan 16 2015 at 5:34am, Henny Zjevic wrote:
Whioevers this is, I apologise beforehand but I will be using this :) how inspiring!

You must have meant it mate, because I aint met a girl that I can come out with that for. (hence the copying)

Wish you all the luck!
On Jan 16 2015 at 5:36am, Laurie Morriaty wrote:
I'​ll take you back lol thats amazing!
On Jan 20 2015 at 4:10am, Amina wrote:
You lucky girl...Don'​t make the mistake I made girl, REALLY

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