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To Abraham ,
I'm sorry. I had been harassing you til you blocked me on Twitter. I sent you much angry always. I should have learnt how to wait while you're not busy. I know that you can not forgive me but even if you are angry too much, I should apologize to you because that is my fault and responsibility. I will not send you angry never. I know that you will not give me unblock on Twitter. What I want is to send my apologize. I will not send your account my tweets. I want to say that I'm sorry. I know you gave me much memories. I did not know how beautiful and thank you. When I looked back, My illness is the result that I harassed you too much. Yes, Unless I apologize to you, I can not my endure my guilty. I had up all night til I sent you this letter through this site. Even if I do not know your Email address, I try that I send you it. Bye.


From Nakyeong
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