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To Sovy,

In the same way words are inadequate to describe how much I love you, so too do they fall depressingly short for conveying how very sorry I am. You are my best friend, the love of my life and the most amazing mother I could imagine. You have proven your love and commitment a thousand times over with both words and actions. We have both paid a terrible price for my actions and lack of actions in the past and the beautiful garden which once held our love is now left all but bare. I will walk any road, cross any sea and overcome any obstacles a thousand times over to reprove my love and commitment through action. Though I have no right, I beg that you keep your eyes and mind open so that they may speak to your heart little by little to nurse our love to something. It's said that sometimes people don't know what they had until it's gone and being threatened to a life without our family, outside of your arms and heart is more than enough for me to truly realize how foolish I have been taking it all for granted. I will always love you and hope this letter might serve as another step on the path to redemption.


From Jeff
Sovy accepted this apology
To Jeff,
I will accept your apology, but still do not forgive you. the road to redemption will be long and must be earned over time.
From Sovy
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