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To NikNak,
Saw you today, you saw me, and i wanted to run over and say, i still love you, i always will love you, and no matter what i would die for you, i would always be in your corner. I wanted to say sorry, even though half what i want to say sorry for i didn't cause, you just think i did.
I am not a sycophant, or weak, but for you there is nothing i won't do. Did you notice what had changed? Wonder why? You is why, i changed to be more of what you might want, i have more to change still, but i will become what i think you might of wanted.
Not of use i know, but at least if love has any power, then you are loved by me unconditionally every minute of every day. I hope my love at least protects you. And always, always i will be there, you know who i am, so you know you can contact me if you need to.
If in doubt as to my identity, just ask who on earht would say this to you. There is not two people in the world is there?

God bless you, always and always


From Me
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