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To angela gail,
I' writing this message cause i feel really bad,thinking about the way i hurt you makes me feel really sad.
I'm sorry sa lahat ng sakit na nagawa ko and i regret things ive done.Babe i feel so bad right now,all i can think is kung gano kita nasaktan,kung gano ko nasaktan ung puso mo.ung mga luhang to ngayon puno ng kalungkutan and sakit,kase i love you so much😞 i messed up. I know sorry's not enough kase sobrang nasaktan kita.but for whatever its worth i wanted to say,na lagi kitang naiisip every single day..the thougts of you makes me smile, and l know our love was real, so im writing you this letter so that you know how i truly feel.gusto ko talagang mag sorry,i know di mo deserve masaktan ng im soooooo SORRY sa lahat lahat,all i have to say is that i love you and i'm soooo sorry babe. 😞


From donald
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