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To Parul ,
I'm sorry my love... . I love you alot... . It wasn't meant to hurt you or feelings. I was just joking as you know I'm your joker 🃏. I love you alot will love you more always.
I'm sorry my softy kiddo.
Please app khana kha lena and medicine bhi.
Pata nhi h me joker hu tumhara.
Muanhhhhh love you my beautiful
I'm very very sorry 🙏.
Bura Na maano pyaar hai. :)


From Rahul
Rahul gave Parul A hug
Parul accepted this apology
Parul responded
To Rahul,
I love you more mere jaanu...boht pyar...abto aisa h ki aap ho toh hi mai saans leti hu...i love u...mmuuaaaahhhhh....
From Parul
On Apr 11 2015 at 12:30pm, Rahul wrote:
Muanhhhhh i love you

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