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To Cool teacher,
About 15 years ago I was a medicine student. I was arrogant, entitled, and rude. I was also very insecure, and going through some bad family/relationship problems. You were a smart, nice, intelligent teacher. I can see your efforts to give a good education in a place where sometimes teachers didn't care enough. You were very good. I was dumb and didn't appreciate, didn't value anything. Believe me, I KNOW it was my loss. I still feel embarrassed 15 years later!! I was going through such a bad time, I hope you only saw me as an idiot and never felt disheartened in your teaching. Life has taught me to be humble, and I regret not appreciating a good teacher when I had the chance. God bless you and may you have much more success in your life! (I found your email on google, I hope you don't mind)


From Moron
Moron gave Cool teacher A hug
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