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To maia,

i am writing this letter for a numerous amount of reasons, in fact, this is the second time i am writing this bc my internet cut off last time and im not sure if it sent and i didnt copy it which is a shame, so now i am rewriting this whole thing tryna remember what i said.
so i am writing this letter bc
1. i found this website and wanted to try it out on someone who is not my bro
2. i got some beef w u???
3. i can write original apologies
4. my mum thinks all my friends talk too much about irrelevant shizza bc u wouldnt hang up the bloody phone yesterday lik srs why r u so obsessed w me??? (that is a mean girls reference if ur unaware) and also bc of the inexorable fact that helena the lil punk never shuts the eff up.

also a lil side note i demanded an apology from my lil 12 y/o bro and the bloody nerve on him look at his reply:
how dare you, you better apologise or else you wont get food and looking at you youre better off without it

like SRS wth the bloody nevre w these lil preteens fkn hell i am already very low on iron and now this is happening to me


From sandra
maia agreed to apologize.
To sandra,
oh sandra bejo,
i am so deeply apologetic for such things your pre pubescent brother accuses u of, that is truly despicable because u r basically anemic and we don't want u dying on au. 2ndly i'm so that your internet decided to cut off. what a darn shame. 3rdly i'm sorry for being so obssessed w u and bring forth my apologies to ur dearest mother. 4thly i have not started pe or ancient and im so sorry to let u know that i will be kms rn.
best wishes and deepest apologies,
ur acquaintance, maia comma izzy
From maia
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