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To Kaiya Mayfire,

I would really like for you to apologize to me for the things that you have said about me which aren't even true as well as the lies that you have spread about me.

I've apologized to you again and again which is why I made fake Facebook accounts and posted on you're Google+ profile picture, but you didn't even bother to acknowledge them and continue to point the finger at me and refuse to take responsibility for you're actions in this entire fiasco.

You had no right to flip out on me and falsely accuse me of having obsessive mental disorders or to tell me the things that you told me after I had added you're name to that message I sent to another cam model, or say that I have no life when in actuality I do.

What you have done and what you have said about me gives me every reason as well as every right to be pissed off at you for what you have done and said about me, although I really want to put all of that behind us and go back to being friends again more than anything in the world because I miss having you in my life a lot.

I am asking you to give me another chance and to put everything that has happened behind us and move on because I realize that everything that I have done to you was wrong and I really should have known better.

I swear that I'll change my ways from now on Kaiya, I miss being friends with you so much :( Please give me another chance :(


From Tao Kayer
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