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To ba na na aaaa ,
a friend just showed me this website. i am oppose to be doing pe atm but procrastination is the only way to overcome anything.

anyways, at first i thought you would be so nice and genuine and understanding but no you just wanted my money. i don't hold grudges but still it was an accident, thought you would understand but you didn't.

i said sorry how many times who knows!
i dont even know why im writing this. maybe just to not do my assignment which is due tomorrow morning whoops. not that you care anyway. or about anyone. i dont even know what you were thinking when you said what you had said to me like why. i apolygised you made me pay so i did. i was going to pay in the end anyway but you made me pay more for no reason i dont understand why like wow go you. so thank you for teaching me a lesson for making me learn from my mistakes and learnt not to touch what isn't mine. even though you poop trusted me with your 21st century phone aka your life. it wasn't my fault so thank you for blowing my $200 which i had earned through my results in school and savings so thank you so fucking much. but hey whatever its over and done with im so done with that situation but yeah yay so glad it is over.

i guess i wrote this because i want/demand or whatever an apolygy but hey whatever floats your boat i guess.. :--) all the best


From lele
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