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To Dr Jim Bayassee,
Jim I am sorry I hurt you by complaints and rudeness to you. You
did not desserve it. I was hurt you would not let me see my notes
for I dont know what misperceptions you have had and you have.
have some for you bltterness blew me away the other day. I was the louseto you in respnse and I am sorry. I will not hurt you that way again intentionally. We have an emeasshed relationship which may not be condusive to therapy or your goals for it at least. Mine are to relate to you for companionship, guidance and help. I don't
get much empathry for you are not an emotional person. I saw you
as an emotional type till I recently understood you are only cognitive. I need your objective help in areas. I don't need you
to say things that are inaccurate and you hurt and anger me when
you do. I do need your care and concern and the ressponsitivity
you haven given. Thank you for the hospital and the court.

And the times you called when it was not emergency to you.

It wa to me for without someone to reach out to who makes me
laugh and change perspective I may have hurt myself although
that was never the plan. After some later sessions with you I wanted to die you so were negative and I felt picked me apart.
I need support and love and guidance and compassion, forgiveness
and a partner to handle my life. You cannot be there at all times
I need someone but you can help some and have. You do not realize
how important to me you have been that i needed so much attention
and contact. You are therapeutic just being there. If you choose
not to be there I will be hurt and maybe never reach a goal.
I will be too despondent to even try or care.

I need you still and apologize for hurting you lately and I was
also hurt by you. We can do better if you want to and I ask you
to decide to. with me.

I need you still for I love you and to lose you would be detrimental
to me as long as you are kind and loving and helpful.

If you are bitter and resent the hurt from me, then you can never
be therapeutic again to me and you dont really want that. You want to succeed with me and for me to make it fianlly someway.

We are so different that that will take work on both parts to
make it happen. I am willing to change if you are.

I do need to see my notes to know how much I have been mis
perceived by you to know if further relating is even possible.

I need to see how you have perceived me for so often you have
misunderstood nm and I cannot make you undestand me. Either
you want to or you don't.

If you are willing to give it a try, starting over, will you call me
tomorrow so I know whether to come or not. I felt you never
wanted to see me again. I hurt that I hurt you and you hurt me
and think the positive if we can get in touch with it again is
worth the difference we have.
Let me know and again I am sorry for all the wrong ways I tried to
be heard by you or acted when I did not feel heard. that hurt you.

your client hopefully still


From linda
linda bought Dr Jim Bayassee A Cup of Coffee
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