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To Nikki,
Sorry i love,sorry you hate.
Really there is a 1-1000000 chance you'll be here before this becomes one among a 1000 and even then will you be here?
But just in case, in case you for some reason stumbled across this site i want to say a couple of things sort of said but i think i want, no i know i want to make clear.
I can't just not love you, i know you find me ugly, if i could i'd just tear my face off and be perfect like you are, i would.
But i will change as i can over time, not that it will help since i rarely see you now.
And anyway even i become handsome enough, it is beyond that now because you blame me for things that were not my doing.
Anyway the main purpose of this letter is to say this.
Today or tomorrow,next month,next year, ten years, if you need i will come.
For anything, if you need anything at all, blood,money,bone marrow, someone to protect you when you're scared. Whatever it is i will do and slip away to obscurity afterwards.
I have a dream, to marry you, to make you my wife and spend all my life making your dreams come true, making you happy.
You thought i wanted sex, yes, you of course make all men want that, but me whilst i would lie to say i don't, i want the you that is more than that.
Listening to you talk, your voice, i told you once how i thought it sounded and i think you thought i was being nasty about it, but i wasn't i was trying to say, i love it, it makes me smile.
And talking of smiles, your smile, that is like when the sun bursts through the clouds, your laugh is like the sweetest most wonderful sound ever.
Yeah you probably don't like love letters, but i am so in love with you, i would love you now even if you suddenly said you used to be a man. I would stand beside you against all the world, i would die for you and i mean that.
But i have to accept what is and what is not, but for the rest of my life you are the one and i am yours if you need or want.
I hope life gives you all you ever want, and you never lack for someone that you truly love. I hope all the days of your life are as perfect as you are.


From Who you hate?
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