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To Jessie,
I found this funny website to help me send an "I'm Sorry" letter,
But will apologizing with a goofy rhyme really make things any better?

Last night I could not get to bed at quite the same time you did,
My feet were hurtin', my mind was racin'… I just could not close an eyelid.

"I'll be in soon" I told my Jeeps, "I just need a little time to wind down"
"That's ok" she replied in the nicest of voices, without even a whine or a frown.

I took a pee and found some grass, hoping a puff might help me unwind,
but I before I could light it I dropped my supplies, and at that point the evening declined.

My movements had caused a sleepy Jeeps to stir, and anger flashed red in her eyes,
"WHY AREN'T U IN BED? Is that WEED in your hand?" she yelled to my total surprise.

I should have been quiet, I should have stayed still, (if I needed to stay out at all)
Because a good fancy knows that once Jeeps is in bed, one wrong movement just might start a brawl.

And yet here Beeks sits, alone in his office, saying sorry for the fight that ensued,
He made a noise after 10 PM, after Jeeps got in bed, so that makes him a pretty rude dude.



From Brett
Brett included A Fuzzy Teddy Bear
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