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To Business Juniors,
All of us, who have lived a certain amount of life, have at least a few things to regret. Some things we wish we had done or not done, some sentences we wish we had said or left unsaid, some persons we did not say ‘sorry' or ‘I love you' to, before it was too late. For some of us, these might have been momentous, life altering chances that were missed.

My dear friends, nearly four month ago a sudden incident crashed my father's business, and as a son he expected me to be there to help him out. I don't know how everybody feel when he sees that his father fighting for keeping a business alive, but I feel a duty that I should fulfill. After days and months ups and down finally we could manage to amend some broken angels piece by piece, we were hoping that we have finished and revived from that tragedy, without knowing that another storm that was approaching …..”
I know every person has a work life and a personal life that should be separated from the each other, but sometimes you find yourself in a situation which left you no choice.
I know that I should have told you about the situation which I was involved, but I was hoping to fix the things by myself without losing my duties to you, my dear group members.
That days have passed and I have backed to my life again since last week, and I knew that maybe some of you, and maybe all of you have some thoughts about me in your minds. I can't fix those thoughts, but I believe that I can make it up for you if you give me a chance to start up again beside I think of this week as a momentous one.

Sometimes we treat strangers better than we treat those we love the most. When that happens (and it happens to the best of us) the only thing we can do is apologize and hope that through their forgiveness we learn from our mistakes and never repeat them again...

With all my heart and soul to the ones that I care most.




From Shahram
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