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To Babika ,
please forgive me... for all the pain that I have brought to you...
The worst day of my life, was when I made that choice. And now I truly realise how stupid I was!!!! I was selfish...for thinking I could make you jealous, or make you think I could live without you.

Im sorry it has taken me over a year to realise this mistake.
Im sorry for not coming to you sooner, Im sorry for causing you this pain.
Im sorry... Im sorry....Im sorry

You are my one and only and I LOVE YOU more than life....I cant imagine a day without you!!

I know that the pain I have caused you is unforgivable....and I know that you probably should not forgive me....BUT I cant face this...and I WONT!!!
I will do everything to prove to you that I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU.....I will prove to you that I am better...

I will love you for my one will ever replace you!

Im begging you give me one last chance to prove to you how much you mean to me....PLEASE...ill do everything....I would die for you...if only it meant you would forgive me!!!

I know you probably don't trust me right now, but I will work very hard to regain that trust

I know I betrayed you....I know I was stupid for letting you go....

I swear that if you forgive me and come back in my life... I will treasure you like never before...Ill be by your side until the end of time...because you are all I have ever wanted.

I probably dont deserve you to forgive me.
But Im begging you, please forgive me let me prove to you Im not the same person I used to be.


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