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To Mum,
Dear mum, I'm so sorry for everything I have done to have offend you. I know that i have promised in the past to not do so but i'm working so hard to break this bad habit. I wish that you could understand how sincere I am. I ask people to pray for me and to help me, giving me confidence. Confidence is the one thing i struggle with, Many people that know me don't see it. They see the veil that covers my face coated with laughs and funny jokes. But deep down inside i struggle with confidence. And this is the reason why makeup has been such an important thing for me. Yes i'm only 14, i'm so young. No 14yr old girl needs makeup. Makeup doesn't define you. But the feeling of wearing makeup, the confidence it gives is crazy. Mum, you don't like makeup hence you don't wear it. And that's kind of why you don't understand. You don't understand why it's so amazing and the beauty of it. Yes it's all unnatural and you like natural but i'm trying so hard to not wear it when i'm 14. I hope that you can forgive me and let me start over again. I'm so sorry, please, don't do it!


From Anon
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