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To Sheela Gupta,
Hey dear friend , mm i just really wanna make you realize that whatever you have done to me ... i just feel happy to be part of it .You always say that you are blessed to have me ... but i just wanna tell you that iam more blessed than you are ,to have such a good friend around me ,with whom i always feel comfortable ,i can share any story and you will be there to help me to listen to me :-).Well all i can say is that you really are important to me and i want this relationship of our to be there till eternity.I cannot thankyou for what you did to me ... even this is nothing in front of it ... YOU HAVE BEEN THERE WHEN NO ONE WAS ,WHEN I WAS ALL ALONE .So this is for you dear to make you realize that YES YOU ARE THE CLOSEST PERSON TO ME !!! .I just simply cannot thankyou in the way you deserve but still hope this work outs .


From Tabrez
Tabrez wants to give Box of Chocolate to Sheela Gupta
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