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To zizi,
I'm sorry for making you feel some type of way, I know I wasn't thinking. I really love you and writing this letter to you made me realize how very sorry I am.

Though I want you to know I deeply love you and I regret what I said / did I know I'm not perfect, I know that I made a mistake but I wish I could take back what was done. I want to wake up knowing I still have you by my side and that although we have some hard times that we'd stick together. Without you there's no you in you and me. Without you I can't even imagine though I don't want to imagine.

I'm just afraid to lose you because you mean the world to me. I opened my heart like nobody else would do I wrote you a long letter and put effort because you truly mean a lot to me.

Just know I really am sorry ... I just need you baby always and forever. I'd cry forever if you don't accept my apology but crying would express how sorry I am.


From Joyce
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