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To Luna,
I said some really mean, nasty things. I didn't mean any of them. I got worked up, I was in such a good mood and it hurts to see you so worked up and sad over homework when I love you as much as I do :(. So I took it out on your, I took out my frustration. And I should never do that, its wrong. It never an excuse to take my anger out on you, I love you I never enjoy it when you are mad at me, you mean the world to me really!

Math is not worth it.
I love you
Sorry for what I said, none of it was justified. I need to control my anger better. I should never be such an ass to you. And I mean it.

Maybe this will make it up to you? :\ <​3


From Simba
Simba bought Luna A Cup of Coffee
Luna accepted this apology
To Simba,
you're lucky you're cute okay. I love you too <3
From Luna
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