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To Max "FICO Investigator" Deluca,
I am sorry that I pulled your credit through a reputable mortgage entity instead of letting Kelianne and/or Slumlord Vasyl have free reign to send your information to "their guy" who would've handled it way better. I hope you can forgive me.


From Credit Shark Dennis
Credit Shark Dennis included A Fuzzy Teddy Bear
Max \"FICO Investigator\" Deluca accepted this apology
Max "FICO Investigator" Deluca responded
To Credit Shark Dennis,

I joyfully accept your sarcastic apology and apologize as well for being such a strapping young lad. We shall reunite our friendship with the blood of our first cat whose sacrifice is for the better good of mankind. For what other reason do we exist on earth other than to advance mankind? Think about it.

From Max "FICO Investigator" Deluca
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