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To Vyann,
I'm sorry heart :( Please forgive me :(
I hope you accept my apology and see this action as my attempt to move us back in the right direction.


From Keir
On Dec 21 2015 at 10:46am, Mr James Henry wrote:
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some others fake lenders from Nigeria, but when I put the complain my

good friend told me that the only place to get a loan on-line is

DANGOTE LOAN FIRM the company is 100% guarantee that if I apply in a

business loan I am to get the loan without any delay in the

transaction, so i did, with a great fear in my heart not to loose

money for the second time. My brothers and sister i want to let you

know that there are still good people in this world we can trust and

have faith on. With the advice of my friends in which I ask the

company for a loan last two months and to my greatest surprise i just

got my loan yesterday. My hope and trust was all gone but now i new

there are real loan firm we can trust. Am using this opportunity to

inform you all that need a loan, do not go else where to sick for a

loan. i have found a real loan lender that can help you because he

told me that the success of the societies is his pride i want you to

sick for a loan in DANGOTE LOAN FIRM. Here are the company email:

dangotel​ineloanin​vestment@outl And i promise you that your

life will never remain the same again,

I will be waiting to hear your own testimony.

Mr James Henry

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