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To Richita,

I just want you to know that I am truly sorry that I hurt and upset you. No other woman could lace your shoes when it comes to being an amazingly sexy woman. Plus I love you SO very much. I knew I was stupid for not coming to you to find the strength I needed but please know that forever in a day, that scenario will never play out again. I love you need you and really really really want you always!!! I never imagined ever having a day where I really wanted a hug from you but know I can't have it. This journey needs you and you are a vital part in my life. You're the important piece to a puzzle, your the encore of a concert, and the cherry on top of my sundae!! By all means, you're everything!!!

I love you and I am sorry again!!!


From Octavius
Octavius included A Fuzzy Teddy Bear
Richita accepted this apology
Richita responded
To Octavius,
I accept your apology! Thanks so much!
From Richita
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