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To I.txu,
Seems I have a long list to apologize to you!
*wrongly ask you to do more when you've got a lot
*wrongly being upset when you did not eat the porridge
*wrongly criticize the leader of the party that you like
*wrongly blamed on you that I am getting fat (although it is not your false
*reading too much novel
*being lazy to apply for job
(fill the gap and let me know, for a chance to win 10 min tickling)


From Lu^2
I.txu accepted this apology
I.txu responded
To Lu^2,
No need to apologise! Everything you do is always good and I should be happy that you take so much care and want me to do well in everything. It's just a bit overwhelming sometimes. We both have "consejos vendo y para mí no tengo!" :-) so... today apply for another job, go to the gym today and read a paper about Memristor! But this is because you will feel good afterwards :-). I'm so lucky to have you. Love you.
From I.txu
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