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To Lulutxu,
Sorry for saying that I did not enjoy discussing the Catalan problem with you. Forgive my arrogance. You know how much I value your opinion and I love talking with you and learning from you and being challenged by you.
In this particular topic I cannot think 100% rationally. There is too much at stake about the future of Spain, and obviously I have taken side with the only movement that wants to change something.
I have seen the same operation orchestrated in the Basque Country in the past, and that's why I feel strongly about it. What happened in Catalunya can happen to us as well, if Madrid pleases, it can send a Government to jail. I am still surprised this is considered normal in modern Europe.
That doesn't mean I should behave as I did with you. Lo siento!
Love you mucho.


From Ibontxu
Lulutxu accepted this apology
Lulutxu responded
To Ibontxu,
accepted! And I think it is true that I should make some effect to know the situation before go to a conclusion! I apologies. Would you accept my apologies?
From Lulutxu
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