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To Sophia,
I am by far the biggest idiot. I mean well but end up finding every way to f@€k it up. I don't know how to say sorry while you're traveling around the world so I'm going to do it here. I'm sorry about the pissing game and I'm sorry I over reacted because the mere thought of having to lose you all over again is something I can't bare. You have every single right to be pissed and mad at me for how ever long just please don't be mad for too long. I love talking to you and just the little moments on FaceTime are what I live for along with making you smile. I'm annoying to say the least but if you whole heartedly give me an actual fighting chance I won't let you down not again. I'm not trying to scare you off but I wanted to apologize and give my peace but you're making me run out of ideas. I am sorry I'm the biggest knucklehead on the planet and a hopeless romantic to say the least. You're amazing no matter what because why do you think I've stuck it out this long. I'm sorry


From Justin
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