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To Jerk,
I honestly want an apology from you. I think, after the crap you put me through, I deserve it. Before your ego jumps to your defense, remember for a moment all the crap I did for you last summer. All the crap you overlooked.

I bought you food, cooked for you. I also recall driving you to the emergency room at 4 AM. Keep in mind, I didn't do these things to get something in return (other than to not have you treat me like crap). I did them because i gave a damn about you. You freaked out about not having money to eat, and I didn't want you to starve. Yet you managed to throw that back in my face.

I know you wanted nothing to do with me romantically. I struggled with those feelings for a long time, and later decided, since you didn't care how I felt, I shouldn't either. It made me a bit bitter, but after hearing the stories you spread around about me trying to force you into a relationship, or trying to make it look like we were dating, I felt I had no choice. I swallowed my feelings countless times for you.

You policed me around like I was your kid. I didn't appreciate that either. I'm not completely socially retarded. By the last few months of our friendship, I was painfully aware of what you expected of me. I walked on eggshells to try and keep things going. I even hung out with your then room mate, a man I found repulsive and intolerable to be around, because you held it as a condition of hanging out with you.

I think the final straw came when you called your old undergrad buddy to town in February. I don't know what the hell happened between you two while he was here, but I did notice something the night he got here... you deterred me from trying to go with you to pick him up at the airport. Then after you left for the night, you didn't come back. Honestly, what the hell was I supposed to think? You spent the night with him. I put two and two together.

I honestly don't care who you fuck, but don't expect me to meet him and shake his hand. On top of that, despite you looking at it as an excuse, I was food poisoned to hell that night. You seemed to persist in harassing me by making noise next door and banging on my door, despite me asking you to stop. Rather than being civil about it, you kept texting me and texting me, trying to get a confrontation. All I wanted to do was SLEEP! Yet that wasn't enough for you. You egged me on and on, until you finally got me to fly off the handle.

Then after that, I faced expulsion from housing. Which later happened because you couldn't accept and apology, and reported me for harassment because of it. Less than a week later, I had to tell your little bff to keep his mouth shut, and you butt into an email conversation that was NOT YOUR BUSINESS, and tried to get me expelled. What part of "not your business" do you not understand? Oh and also, a "person I don't even know" wouldn't have CALLED ME FIRST in my phone call log. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Honestly, I know your ego defends you from seeing ANY error in your actions, but you used me. You really did. And you broke my heart. You were my best friend, and I would've done anything for you, but look where it got me. I lost my home, my friends, and I have an asshole going around my circle of friends and previous workplace telling everyone that I have a severe form of psychosis. You owe me one HELL of an apology. The shit you did to me is almost unforgivable.


From F***ed over
On Sep 9 2010 at 1:08am, Harold wrote:
Any word on an apology?
On Sep 11 2010 at 9:03am, xxAlannahxx wrote:
Fucking bitch!!!!!
On Sep 12 2010 at 11:45pm, F***ed over. wrote:

No apology yet. Little shit probably hasn'​t even found this yet...
On Sep 18 2010 at 5:07am, John wrote:
Wow this took me a long time to read. You really put your heart into this one. Speaking of which is it mended by now?
On Oct 27 2010 at 2:34am, FYL wrote:
omg dude wat a d*ck well if that was me i would be stuffin my foot up his ass but he might like that...hope ur some wat ok
On Mar 24 2011 at 6:05pm, Sympathetic wrote:
You need one helluva new friend, I wouldn'​t count on this one.
On Jan 7 2013 at 3:39pm, Crom wrote:
You should post his city and picture. Maybe some anonymous member of the public might bump into him and accidentally administer a beating.

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