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I demand an apology from for demanding an apology from me for not apologizing in the first place. I would apologize, but being the fact that the apology site is the one doing the demanding and not the apologizing, it would outside of my moral obligations to moraldom to do so.


From Marko
On Sep 18 2010 at 5:03am, John wrote:
After contemplating this for some time, I'​ve realized you, sir, are insane.
On Sep 20 2010 at 3:32pm, Marko wrote:
I get that a lot. I'​m glad though that it took you some time to contemplate it. This proves that my actions are within reason and within my moral obligations to moraldom, and therefore to reason itself. I still want my apology though, except not through this site. Come to think of it, I don'​t want it in an e-mail either. You see, e-maildom and letmeapol​ogize.comdom all stem from the same immoral obligations to irreason, and that, sir, is just unacceptable.

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