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To shilpa,
Shilpa I am really sorry for my comments and for everything that hurted you 7 years ago or thereafter. It was so rude of me
and perhaps the worst
mistake of mine. I
should not have done it,
especially not having
known you at all at that
point. I know it is too old
to matter now but I still
feel that you haven't
forgiven me or I
haven't apolgized
properly. Anyway I can't
change what has
happened but now I
accept that you are
always a way smarter
than me which I never
accepted then. I just
want 2 apolize truely
because I am
changed now. Hence
I truly apologize to you
for my every wrong deed. I am still not good at conversation,so sorry for everthing. And i hope may be you forgive me and we can become good friends...


From Amit
Amit included A Fuzzy Teddy Bear
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