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To Ms. Forghetto,
I found this great new website that I think would be great for us. Apologize to me for making me put up with you! I'm talking about all the cackles, poor jokes, refusing to cook for me, trying to steal all my things, etc. Hurry.

Thanks :-)


From You Know Who
Ms. Forghetto agreed to apologize.
Ms. Forghetto responded
To You Know Who,
I APOLOGIZE on behalf of my parents for only making one of me....Its a shame there's only one Christal-Joy Paulina Forgenie who cackles, tells amazing jokes, refuses to cook, and who threatens you w petty thefts/robbery of major appliances and equipment. Youre welcome for being in your life. If you wanna fight me, bring it! :)
From Ms. Forghetto
On Jul 22 2011 at 2:10pm, AJ wrote:
On Jul 22 2011 at 2:16pm, Mike wrote:

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