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To His Boxershorts,
Whatever some apologies on here are serious, some aren't. I'm a little of both. And i'm just being honest, too. I'm sorry for ruining you with the brown splatters. I was drunk, I lost control, and what I thought was your typical fart was something far, far, worse.

On another note, MAJOR props to me for negotiating the walk to the bathroom, containing the "situation", and even wetting towels and moving to the bathroom stall to handle the bizness. I'm the MAN. Except for the accident. I should've been having this in about 35 more years, so that sucks. I should also be laying off the vodka eh?


From Bron
On Nov 13 2011 at 10:08pm, J-Crew Boxer Shorts wrote:
What did you eat? It smells like death down here. Can you at least use the GOOD fabric softener this time? I think I deserve it with all the protein stain and other $%#$! you drop down here when you go on your little drunken escapades.

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