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To Tenant From HELL,
You are a filthy, no good animal who has ruined my lovely downstairs apartment and I demand an apology. I was just trying to make a little extra mortgage money by renting out part of my house, and you have turned it into a sewer. Thank God you are gone.

Just so the public knows, this is what you did:

1. There are 4 coffee stains on the carpet. I'm an idiot for believing that you would pay me for this, and you are a dick for not even pointing it out to me (I had to bring this up).

2. When you moved your terrible furniture out you scratched my siding.

3. The loud shitty music eurotrash dance music you listen could be heard when I was outside talking to my neighbor IN HIS YARD.

4. The kinds of girls you had over (or was it the same girl I couldn't tell they were all so trashy) were just gross. I honestly thought I would catch an STD from breathing the same air.

5. Never fixing your shitty car that broke down two times when I needed it moved to do some work outside.

There are more things but I'm getting so mad right now that I need to have a shot of something strong and take some prescription medicine.


From Alfred
On Dec 7 2011 at 12:38pm, Jay wrote:
..So.. about that available apartment you have..
On Dec 7 2011 at 1:27pm, Marissa wrote:
ok that is pretty damn funny
On Dec 7 2011 at 8:41pm, Sharon Pierre wrote:
I was in the opposite position, where my landlord screwed up my living situation so bad I had to leave. Some highlights were his lawnmower breaking my car window with a rock or something, and doing some construction and creating a flood that went down into my room. It was a mess.

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