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To Friend,
This is where I come clean, and ask for advice.

I worked at a hotel with someone for about a year. He and I became friends outside of work, and I eventually met his girlfriend. I realized we had more in common than her and her bf did, and we would talk on gchat often. We'd all hang out and I developed a nice friendship.

Fast forwarding: About 7 months ago I left the hotel to continue on with my life (got a new job in Boston) and I threw a really banging party to celebrate. At some point in the night, "Stephanie" was really drunk and we started talking in private away from everyone. She told me that she wanted to hang out with me but made it sound like it was strictly on a "friend" basis and that my now ex-coworker / friend knew about it and was cool.

..Well, we did hang out and things seemed too good, so we did it again. This led up to a crazy afternoon where we hung out a third time to watch a movie (without her bf knowing apparently) and she just hugged me. I could tell it was inappropriate by the way she did it, and I didn't stop her. After a minute or two, she swung her other leg around me, and was straddling me and just started kissing me. It lead to sex. We hung out again, too, and this continued on for 2 months before I said I can't do this anymore. She didn't seem to mind and we still talk on gchat. I dunno if it will happen again, and I am very confused.

Should I say I'm sorry to him, come clean, and get some peace? Should I leave things as is? I really like this girl but I know she is fucked up in the head (and so am I). Advice? FYI after I moved I live closer to her than her BF does so in a fucked up way I feel like we'd have a better relationship!


From Anonymous
On Dec 10 2011 at 2:00pm, Diana F wrote:
Well it'​s clear you didn'​t respect your new friend and that the temptation of being with a woman was too much for you.

Sorry but this is typical guy behavior in my opinion. If you feel guilty now, you should consider apologizing before it makes you feel worse later.
On Dec 10 2011 at 2:41pm, @TheRubenJay wrote:
You need to come clean! Bros before hoes. Once they arent bros any more, then more power to you!

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