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To CB,
My Dearest Darling Beautiful Girl,

I know I have hurt you and upset you, and that nothing I can say or do can take away that hurt right now.

But I love you, and you are the most important thing in the world to me. My only wish is that we can find a way to move past this. You are not ready to talk, but please know how much I want to get past this, and please let me know when you feel able to speak and can help me get back to a better place with you.

I am so sorry, my darling. I am completely miserable without you in my life.




From SM
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CB accepted this apology
To SM,
hey SM, so it's CB again:)?... thank you for your apology. I'm still not sure what to say except thank you for going through all of this to apologize. I'm not angry, i'm just sad and confused.... so maybe a bit of time will help put things in perspective. We're in a crazy situation and I guess sometimes it takes a while to figure things out. Also, I'm in the middle of moving - tomorrow is the big day and tonight is chaos so I'm sorry I can't say more. Again, thank you xx
From CB
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